I was brought in as a contract product designer to redesign the Nylas Developer Dashboard.


This is what the Nylas Developer dashboard looked like when I started. The problem we were trying to solve was that developers integrating Nylas in their app couldn't debug if an API failure was coming from their code or from an error on Nylas side. We also wanted to make it easier ways to see a summary of app statistics and a better way to submit support requests.

We did user research with existing Nylas clients to identify the needs for each user persona.

Developers: need to feel confident that responses from our API make sense given what they are sending to us

Sales Enablement/Sales Engineering: Auth and sync issues are particularly important, as their prospects need to have super-smooth onboarding experiences.

Customer Support/Customer Success: They need to diagnose to see if errors that customers are reporting are really errors, and if so, how to resolve them.

Dashboard website.png

The solution was to design a more guided onboarding flow in the dashboard. As well as giving the user more high level analytics on account states. As well as clearer links to resources and API keys.

Organization (Admin).png
Logs (API Logs).png
Accounts ( sort columns ).png